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Buy your next clarinet in our shop Klarinetten.Online. The delivery of musical instruments by Klarinetten-Online in Europe is FREE! Purchasing of wind instruments in our shop is easy and economical!

Clarinet for Students and Professionals

clarinet for students 'Silver Cloud' A clarinet made from ABS is a perfect article for students, especially because of its price. For the development of plastic clarinets at TREEPUR the most important concept was the creation of a new and attractive sound as well as the development of new characteristics for playing the instrument.

The sound of the clarinets depends on the type of plastics material and can be strong and especially dynamic, it can be warm and harmonic, or conservative and restrained. Not only for students but also for professional Jazz clarinettists these instruments made from ABS plastics offer interesting variants of sound.

Plastics Clarinets and
Wood Clarinets

TREEPUR ABS clarinet Midnight Blue Apart from the clarinets made from the tradi­tional black­wood, Klari­netten.Online offers also clarinets made from the exceptional plastics materials ABS NOVOBRASS, ABS NOVRAG, and ABS NOVOGREEN.

These special plastics materials are mixtures from ABS with differnt metal powders in order to tune the sound spectrum.

All models from TREEPUR produced with these plastics have a different sound charistics which has been convincing all the musicians that have tried the instruments.

The clarinet from blackwood GLORIETTE is a model for demanding players that have a very high concept of the clarinet sound. This Klarinet has a very high dynamic range and produces an especially clear sound.

Top selection of clarinets from them workshop TREEPUR offered at Klarinetten.Online

Our Online-Shop offers instruments from the workshop of the famous Austrian manufacturer TREEPUR:

The models GALA, GLORIETTE, KuK, PARIS, B1 AUSTRIA, made from high quality blackwood as well as the innovative models SILVER CLOUD, MIDNIGHT BLUE, and BLACK PEARL, made from especially sound optimized plastics.

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All the Bb clarinet models from TREEPUR are available either with the German System or with the Boehm System. The keys are plated. Every Bb clarinet has been quality checked before the delivery to our customers.

The customer of our Online-Shop has the choice: carefully treated blackwood or especially tuned plastics.

All the clarinets of TREEPUR are precisely intonated in the master workshop. The blackwood of the high-quality clarinets has been stored for an extra long time. Every instrument is a juwel of a clarinet. The models GALA, GLORIETTE, KuK, and PARIS made from blackwood satisfy the highest expectations for a clarinet sound, a robust mechanics and a highly professional finish.
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The plastics clarinets have different colors depending on the used plastics material. The NOVRAG-clarinets are silver due to the mixture of plastics with aluminum powder, the NOVOBRASS-clarinets have a dark blue appearance due to the mixture of ABS with brass powder, and the NOVOGREEN-clarinets have a back shining color due to the mixture of ABS with copper. Of course, the different mixtures with metal powders produce different sound characteristics of the musical instruments.

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What our customers say:

Rita K., Hamburg:Der Klang meiner Klarinette des Modells "Gloriette", die ich bei euch bestellt habe, ist sensationell und paßt optimal in das Symphonieorchester, in dem ich 2. Klarinette spiele. Der Artikel wurde einwandfrei versandt. Vielen Dank an Klarinette-Online!
Hans B., Kempten: Ich benötigte eine Jazzklarinette, mit der ich in meiner Band gut zum tragen komme. Die Auswahl einer Kunststoffklarinette des Typs "Black Pearl" von TREEPUR war genau die richtige Entscheidung. Bei Klarinetten-Online bestellt, habe ich die Klarinette auch noch sehr günstig erworben.
Dieter H., Ismaning: Meine Bestellung der TREEPUR-Klarinette "Gloriette" mit den zwei verschiedenen Birnen und dem Becher aus Mopane-Holz war genau richtig. Die Klarinette hat sehr ergonomische Klappen und produziert wie versprochen einen besonders reinen Klang.
Franz S., Berlin: Synthetische Klarinettenblätter von FIBERREED aus dem Klarinetten-Online-Shop bieten ein ausgesprochen gutes Preis/Leistungsverhältnis. Und das besonders Gute daran: Sie sind sehr robust und langlebig. Ich bin begeistert von den FIBERREED Blättern!

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The Online-Shop Klarinetten.Online offers high-quality clarinets for music students as well as for music professionals. Whether you are a jazz clarinettist, an orchestra musician or a solist, wind instruments and appropriate accessories from our Internet-Shop satisfy all your needs and desires. And the ordering process is easy and economical: In Europe we deliver the musical instruments free of charges!
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